Liminal Keys

LIMINAL KEYS  transform the underground parking space into an ocean of sound and stillness. Let us dive deep down into poetry and listen closely to the sounds it creates in mind, body and space – until all becomes one in a unique atmosphere of suspense and awareness.

I am also interested in music expanding consciousness. By expanding consciousness, I mean that old patterns can be replaced with new ones.– Pauline Oliveros

LIMINAL KEYS were founded by jazz musician/ doublebass player Moritz Götzen and writer/ performer Silvana Mammone. During the rehearsals for a theatre production they started experimenting with poetry and sound and got hooked on the idea of creating their own unique symbiosis out of these two artistic elements. At Cultura Nova they are granted the unique opportunity to experiment with and perform their material in the wondrous empty parking space of Q-park. The audience is invited to join liminal keys underground and enter with them a lyrical landscape of sound and space expanding towards the unknown.