Thelonious (6+)

Zonzo Compagnie (BE)

Get ready for a fantastic ride!

A drummer, a pianist, and a bass player will take you to New York in the first half of the 20th century. The little Thelonious looks over the shoulder of his big sister, who is playing the musical keyboard, and is captivated by the instrument.

Genius of Modern Music

Thelonious Monk (1917-1982) was an American jazz musician. He rose to become the The High Priest of Jazz and composed a whole array of jazz standards. This show’s live music and video mapping will tell the audience – aged six years and up – about the many intriguing sides of this fascinating musician.

Jump on this ‘bebop’ train with the Genius of Modern Music and really experience what made Thelonious tick. Destination unknown – but get ready for a fantastic ride!


‘… Judging by all these people dancing around me, I’d say that jazz has won them over.’ – Theaterkrant

‘Better than Ritalin.’ – DeMorgen

‘Helped by the video and the musicians’ facial expressions, [the music] enraptures the audiences, with each song introducing a new highlight.’ – De Standaard ★★★★