The Seafroth Knows Neither Pain Nor Time

Anthony Nestel (BE) & Esther Arribas (ES)

The Seafroth Knows Neither Pain Nor Time is a performance on the cutting edge of visual art and dance. The artists Anthony Nestle and Esther Arribas are presenting this performance after being invited by schrit_tmacher just dance! in collaboration with Cultura Nova, to promote the exhibition Basquiat, The Artist and His New York Scene, which is open at SCHUNCK until 2 June this year.

In this extremely topical and symbolic performance, Nestel and Arribas seek alternatives to linear, Eurocentric thinking in a world struggling with a refugee crisis, racism, rising nationalism, and abuse of power. What does a world in which cultures and individuals constantly interact and influence each other look like? What new perspectives does this dynamic world view offer us? The Seafroth challenges you to think about these big questions.