Stiltestorm-baan (7-10 years)

Hoge Fronten - Lieke Benders

Dear parents, Stiltestormbaan is a ‘kids only’ performance. Parents/carers are invited to wait outside.

A cross-over between science and theatre about observing your surroundings differently by listening to them more closely.

People often tell you that you have to be quiet. But in those moments, you really don’t want to be quiet at all. But what if you did? Because being quiet can actually be very exciting. In the silence, you discover things that you didn’t notice before. And doing something as quietly as possible is a real adventure!

Stiltestormbaan is all about sound and its relationship with silence. In a cross-over between science and theatre, Hoge Fronten challenges children to listen carefully to their surroundings. What do you hear?

In order to be very quiet, we first need to understand what sound is. A researcher takes you on a fun-filled journey through tables, graphs, and experiments. Then we do our own experiment: completing an exciting assault course as quietly as possible – the ‘stiltestormbaan’. Who is the quietest? Always thought that silence is boring? Well, Hoge Fronten will prove you wrong.

Hoge Fronten

Hoge Fronten, led by theatre maker Lieke Benders, creates performances for specific locations and theatre for both adults and children. Lieke Benders’ work straddles the boundary between visual art and theatre, between theatre and everyday life, between traditional and new theatrical forms.

Concept and direction: Lieke Benders

Advisor: researcher (KU Leuven) Yannick Sluyts

Performer: Sofieke de Kater

Sound design: Jolle Roelofs

Text and assistant director: Saskia de Haas

Dramaturgy: Peter Anthonissen

Design: De Nieuwe Collectie

Decor: Marq Claessens

Stiltestormbaan is a co-production of Hoge Fronten and Limburg Festival, Jeugdtheaterfestival Art of Wonder (Garage TDI) and Cultura Nova.