STIL.centriphery / Museum of Stillness

Lieke Benders (NL), Bart Bijnens (NL), Éric Minh Cuong Castaing (FR) and Livia Coloji (RO)

Every day at Cultura Nova, the ‘Museum of Stillness’ in the SCHUNCK Museum will be open for one hour under the name ‘STIL.centriphery’. Visitors are invited to come to this impressive installation and observe with extraordinary precision what it’s like to really listen, feel and see silence. The area is only accessible to adults.

Observe, listen, feel, and see true ‘silence’

The exhibition in SCHUNCK’s museum area will be a perception training exercise. In a world in which we are overwhelmed by stimuli, silence is an essential tool to discover ingrained habits and open up to fresh perspectives. Be brave and enter!

Part of the unique project ‘STIL’, ‘STIL.centriphery’ is an initiative by theatre maker Hoge Fronten/Lieke Benders in collaboration with actor Bart Bijnens (Toneelgroep Maastricht), the French choreographer Éric Minh Cuong Castaing, and illustrator Livia Coloji from Romania. Based at the Wittem monastery and the ‘STIL.het lab’, Lieke Benders spent four years researching the importance of silence and reflection in an increasingly turbulent society. After ‘ natuur’ and ‘STIL.zwijgen’ this year, this year’s ‘STIL.leven’ is supported by the museum exhibition at SCHUNK.


‘STIL.centriphery’ is part of Centriphery, a collaborative project of nine festivals from Europe that, just like Cultura Nova, are organised outside the major urban hubs and supported by Creative Europe. The above-mentioned artists in this project also form the core artistic team of Centriphery in Heerlen.

Tip: Make sure to also visit ‘STIL.het auditorium’ during Cultura Nova. Special guests will be invited to this public, pop-up auditorium – each time at a different location – to talk about silence and sensoriality. For information on where the auditorium will pop up, please see Hoge Fronten’s and Cultura Nova’s website and social media channels.