Stichting Street Art

Heerlen’s Cultura Nova festival is welcoming five street artists who will introduce metal, sculptures, wire, words, and more into our streetscape. Curator Lars Ickenroth will bring other forms of street art to Heerlen, given that this art is developing rapidly and taking on new forms – just like the city of Heerlen itself.

This year’s theme is Plasticity: the ability to think flexibly, to change habits, to be resilient, and to be bold and explore one’s own identity. The artists this year are fully behind this theme, believing it’s high time to start exploring these other forms of street art as well. There’s so much more to discover! So keep your eyes open in Heerlen city centre during Cultura Nova – you might just come across a work of art in the making!

In June, the ‘XXL-Gallery’ on Peter Schunckstraat (in the Heerlerbaan district) will feature two new XXL murals spanning over 40 metres. Curator Rafael Schacter has invited leading artists Aryz (ES) and Morgan Blair (USA) to provide their input. They will start working in the second half of June.

Murals for Communities
The Stichting Street Art foundation is entering into an international collaboration with ‘Murals for Communities’ for the first time. In collaboration with European partners from Lithuania (Kaunas) and Ireland (Waterford), a mixed team of artists from those countries will be working at three locations in Heerlen to create and execute a design together with residents. The project is a pilot supported by the EU programme Creative Europe.

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