Re-connecting periphery & centre

Centriphery Symposium

International symposium – Friday 23 August 2019

10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Costs: €25 (including lunch)

Breakfast conference – Saturday 24 August 2019
9:00 AM – 11:00 AM
Fees: €7.50 (including breakfast)



The international symposium ‘Centriphery’ examines the periphery’s innovative power from two perspectives. First, the role of art and culture will be highlighted. The second perspective will explore the design challenge facing peripheral urban environments. How are challenges such as the energy transition relevant to urban environments and how do culture and urban planning reinforce each other in this regard?


Hans Mommaas, director of PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, will present the introduction as honorary chair on 23 August. The first keynote lecture will be given by Charles Landry (UK). His ground-breaking publication The Creative City contributed to a new way of thinking about urban development. In his most recent book The Civic City in a Nomadic World, Landry examines how cities can be places of meaning in an era of globalization.

In his keynote, Jan Briers (BE) reflects on the specific role of festivals in the periphery as the chairman of the European Festival Association. Lastly, Barbera Wolfensberger, Director-General of Culture and Media at the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, will present her vision on the innovative power of the periphery and the role of culture.


A breakfast conference will be held on Saturday 24 August to discuss the regional significance of the themes that were raised the day before during the symposium.


Cultura Nova is a partner in organizing the symposium as part of the European project ‘Centriphery’, a collaboration of nine peripheral European festivals and cultural organizations. The project revolves around both connecting professional artists with regional residents and the international exchange of artistic knowledge.



The symposium on Friday 23 August will take place in Theater Heerlen’s LIMBURGzaal. The breakfast conference on Saturday 24 August will take place in the Spiegeltent.

Both locations are at Burgemeester van Grunsvenplein 5.
If you take the train to Heerlen railway station, Theater Heerlen is a five-minute walk from there.