PLAY (4+)


Fantasy-packed dance performance for everyone aged four and above  

In recent years, Aracaladanza has been inspired by greats such as El Bosco, Magritte, Miró, and Leonardo da Vinci. This time, the Spanish company has let its imagination run wild, which guarantees to be great fun and an ultimate Aracaladanza experience. 

PLAY is based on the simple game we all know and participate in.   

The dancers are ready and waiting to play blind man’s bluff, or an old video game. To jump on the sofa or to discover swans in search of their lake. To follow dancing dogs that listen to cats. To set off fireworks or dance in a line. PLAY is a celebration of joy and fun. And the party continues even after the curtain falls.   

Aracaladanza is known around the world for its visual dance productions for children and families. After ten years of following a path that took Aracaladanza through the lives of famous artists, PLAY marks a new, fresh beginning. With the input of an avant-garde artistic team that has shared its creativity, magic, and aesthetic values for almost fifteen years, Aracaladanza did not feel the need to tell the story of a painter, but rather the need to feel completely free, to enjoy the artistic process, and the desire to simply play.  


Concept and direction: Enrique Cabrera 

Choreography: Aracaladanza 

Dancers: Jorge Brea Salgueiro, Raquel de la Plaza Húmera, Jonatan de Luis Mazagatos, Elena García Sánchez, Jimena Trueba Toca 

Choreography assistants: Raquel de la Plaza, Jimena Trueba 

Music: Luis Miguel Cobo, J. S. Bach, and P.I. Tchaikovsky 

Stage and costume design: Elisa Sanz (AAPEE)  

Light design: Pedro Yagüe (AAI) 

Stage video design: Álvaro Luna (AAI) 

Assistant video design: Elvira Ruiz Zurita (AAI) 

Tap-dance choreography: John O ́Brien 

Props and dog masks: Ricardo Vergne (AAPEE) 

Costumes: Sandra Calderón, Ángeles Marín 

Decor: Mambo decorados, Miguel Ángel Infante  

Wigs: Mauro Gastón 

Photography: Pedro Arnay