Planet Beethoven

Plasticiens Volants (FRA) & the South Netherlands Philharmonic

Conductor: Josep Vicent (ESP)


A musical and visual spectacle to commemorate 250 years of Beethoven.


Cultura Nova, Parkstad Limburg Theaters, and the South Netherlands Philharmonic will be concluding the 250th anniversary of Beethoven’s birth with Planet Beethoven.The musical and artistic direction of this musical and visual spectacle is entrusted to Josep Vicent, who conducted Carmina Burana during the 2018 edition of Cultura Nova. The French theatre company Plasticiens Volants, known for its large open-air performances with grotesque balloon figures, uses image and video projections to create the stage sets. This extraordinary combination promises to be a sensational performance, in which classical music is presented in an accessible way. A feast for the eyes and the ears.

Open your eyes and ears!

Even 250 years after his birth, Beethoven’s music is still very much alive. Poetic, ecstatic, and full of drama, but above all bursting with ideals and incredible beauty. “Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life,” said Beethoven himself. And it is precisely this combination that we will be celebrating during this musical spectacle – and the celebrations will start before the guests take their seats! Conductor Josep Vicent: “We will be taking an adventurous journey through the highlights of Beethoven’s repertoire. He composed hymns, so to speak, about cultures with empathy and love for nature. We want to convey that message, with his gradual deafness being an invitation to everyone to listen a little more to each other.”


Conductor Josep Vicent

Soloist Daria van den Bercken 

Music a selection from Beethoven’s symphonies and piano pieces

Director Frederick Dewinter 


Planet Beethoven is a co-production of the South Netherlands Philharmonic & Plasticiens Volants in collaboration with Parkstad Limburg Theaters and Cultura Nova