Petit Big Blue (1.5-4 jaar)

PanicMap (ES)

The Spanish company PanicMap produced Petit Big Blue in order to offer a unique experience for children and parents. The performance is full of dance, visual arts, and digital media harnessed in a unique and completely new way.

Petit Big Blue is big, blue, and very curious. His curiosity takes him to unknown places where he is fascinated by the new emotions he feels. Guided by the illustrations of the Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky, we go on a journey with Ene and Petit Big Blue and explore their newly discovered emotions.

About PanicMap

PanicMap is a Spanish artistic platform founded by theatre director, playwright, and researcher Juan Pablo Mendiola and Margarita Burbano. Both creators are constantly looking for innovation and ways to integrate digital arts into performing arts. This goes to create an individual, recognisable language and a unique theatre experience. PanicMap invites the audience to immerse themselves in intriguing worlds and stories that combine images and poetry.