Opening new railway station Heerlen


Cultura Nova is a thought-provoking, exciting, and fascinating event! So it’s no wonder that Cultura Nova and the Maankwartier (Moon Quarter) district have been inspiring each other for many years. And this year is a special one – it’s time to celebrate the opening of the new railway station on Saturday 31 August.

The Maankwartier has been designed with a Mediterranean allure by the Heerlen artist Michel Huisman, who has created a new part of the city centre with a railway station, shops, restaurants, squares, a hotel, offices, and homes. But it is also one huge work of art, containing 89 art pieces inspired by celestial constellations.

The inauguration of the new station also ends the previous temporary situation, which lasted about seven years. Travellers will be able to enjoy a new arrivals and departure point, with wide platforms and a spacious station hall.
Heerlen’s new railway station is perhaps the most stunning in the Netherlands. This beautiful public transport hub in the south of the Netherlands, which also acts as the gateway to Europe, naturally deserves an official grand opening.

The new station will be inaugurated on 5 August, with the opening party taking place on 31 August. Once the summer holidays are over, Cultura Nova and the Maankwartier will join forces to put on a spectacular programme. All kinds of activities will be organised from 11:00 AM, including a concert by violinist Rosanne Philippens and her friends from Domo Emigrantes on Spoorplein square at the entrance to the station. There will also be an opening event, and Michel Huisman will give guided tours in which he will show the special places in the Maankwartier. Everyone is welcome!