Il grande finale in the Royal Theater

Rosanne Philippens & friends (NL)

Parkstad Limburg’s artist-in-residence Rosanne Philippens will open her concert series in Heerlen during Cultura Nova with several performances in one day. Instead of in the theatre, the violinist has chosen to perform at other unique locations in the city.

Concert: Viva l’Italia! on the redeveloped Spoorplein square.

At 1:00 PM, Rosanne and her friends from Domo Emigrantes will give a lunch concert on Spoorplein square in the Maankwartier (Moon Quarter) district to mark the official opening of Heerlen’s new railway station. Entitled Viva l’Italia, they will play La Foglia by Vivaldi and a few tarantellas by Paganini, which they combine with traditional Italian folk music.

Concert: Il Grande Finale in the Royal Theater (admission fee: €28.50)

The final performance (at 8:00 PM) will be Il Grande Finale in the Royal Theatre – a musically stunning, one-hour concert with pieces by Paganini, Sarasate, and Piazzolla and clips from famous Italian cinema. Afterwards, you can attend an afterparty at the Royal Theater while enjoying wine, Italian snacks, and some ‘musical desserts’ as an encore.