Om de hoek woont een struik

Hendrik Kegels en Sonja van Ojen

A miniature city comes to life. The day is dawning…

Om de hoek woont een struik is a performance for all ages. Theatre makers Sonja van Ojen and Hendrik Kegels bring a miniature city to life with a self-made scale model. The day dawns, a dustbin blows over, a plastic bag gets tangled in the branches of a tree, a pigeon defecates on the statue, the crocuses open.


A wordless spectacle

In 2020, Sonja & Hendrik won the BNG Bank Theatre Prize for the concept of Om de hoek woont een struik. In this performance, not the people, but all the other inhabitants of the city take centre stage: the Maple Tree, the Lampposts, the Public Toilet, the Chimney, the Beetles under the paving stones, and the Kiosk on the square play the leading roles. This wordless spectacle is accompanied by a cinematic soundtrack.


About the creators

Sonja & Hendrik make conceptual visual theatre for people of all ages. Their work is imaginative, sometimes absurdist, and characterised by a playful, sometimes almost naive visual language. They use fantasy as a tool to invite the audience to move closer to the other.


Sonja van Ojen and Hendrik Kegels graduated from the performance programme of the Maastricht Academy of Dramatic Arts in 2019 and 2018 respectively. They previously produced the performance Phantom Island together. The duo is affiliated with Makershuis Tilburg and in the autumn of 2021 will be embarking on a four-year talent programme at Stip youth theatre productions.