Night Shift

Collectief RaTSMoDee  

During the Cultura Nova festival, 14 empty shop premises in the centre of Heerlen will provide the backdrop for Night Shift – a project featuring 14 presentations at the intersection of theatre and visual arts by artist collective RaTSMoDee.

The Night Shift project follows the rhythm of day and night, creating different perspectives on the works: the use of light and darkness connects the 14 presentations. Every location is different; sometimes you will find remnants of an interior, at others a discontinued renovation or an empty white space. All these factors influence the work that is created and how it is experienced.

Night Shift is at the intersection of theatre and visual art. Theatre does not portray real facts, but fictional ones. The aim of such constructions and reconstructions is often to present different nuances. RaTSMoDee adopts a similar and poetic approach: Night Shift can be seen as the antithesis of everyday reality in the city centre of Heerlen.

Talks and tours

Night Shift aims to enter into dialogue with the public and to use reflection to interpret the individual works and the project as a whole. This will generate unexpected associations and new meanings. These talks will take place during the regular tours. For more information about the works you can listen to an audio tour via Greylight Project’s RADIO LIMA. You will find the link on Cultura Nova’s website and on the QR codes along the route:

  • Click here to view the map with the participating retail premises.
  • Click here for general information.
  • Friday the 27th of August you can find the link to the audio tour on this page.

The participating artists are:

Rune Peitersen & Mikica Andrejic, Peter Bouwmans, Wouter Huis, Gerard Koek, Gert-Jan Prins, Iris Bouwmeester & Dyane Donk, Josephine Kaepellin, Griet Menschaert, Laurent Malherbe, Sabine de Graaf, Karin Arink & Renée Kool, Priscila Fernandes, Tekenkingz, text contribution: Harry van Boxtel

Night Shift is a co-production of the RaTSMoDee collective, Stichting Greylight Projects, and Cultura Nova.

With special thanks to: Boek en Offerman, Stichting Weller Wonen, VOC Vastgoed, Jongen Projectontwikkeling, Ruijters Vastgoed, Vaessen Juweliers, PAND, Ewout Schins, Oetpoet/In2YourPlace, Gallery Forty Five, the Municipality of Heerlen.