Nachtlampje / Night Light (from the age of 3)

Teater Refleksion (DK) & Andy Manley (SCO)

A poetic and heart-warming story about a girl who is curious about the night.

The blackbird sings and everyone prepares for the night. Mr Night starts with his usual round and soon all the children are asleep. Except for one little girl… She can’t seem to fall asleep. Curious to know who is taking care of the night, she takes you on a magical journey through the dark and beautiful night. Until the blackbird sings again to welcome a new day.

Teater Refleksion

The Danish theatre company Teater Refleksion creates poetic, visual performances with puppets, music, and few words for both children and adults. As an actor, Andy Manley specializes in visual theatre for young audiences in particular.

Performer: Andy Manley

Director: Bjarne Sandborg

Decor: Mariann Aagaard, Amanda A. Sigaard

Music: Daniel Padden

Light: Anders Kjems

Nightlight is a co-production with Imaginate and Red Bridges Arts. Supported by the Scottish Government’s Edinburgh Festivals Expo Fund, the Danish Arts Foundation, and the Municipality of Aarhus.