Cirque Éloize (CA)

Cirque Éloize is celebrating its 25th anniversary with its new performance Hotel. A lively show, it tells the story of a place populated by a changing array of guests and full of intriguing encounters. Let acrobatics, theatre, dance, and music take you to this intimate retreat, styled with an avant-garde scenography that is inspired by the elegance of the grand hotels. Cross the lobby doors and discover the grandiose and poetic universe of Hotel, an upbeat and dynamic circus performance for young and old alike.

Unlike other circus productions, Hotel combines a mix of dance, comedy, music, and acrobatics and offers a fresh take on the traditional circus acts. Hotel is performed by a group of twelve talented, dare-devil artists. They throw each other in the air, they balance with each other, they dance together with hula hoops and perform the most complicated stunt imaginable, catapulting themselves from ropes and sliding down poles.

‘… pure pleasure and family-friendly entertainment. A WOW factor fo 8.5!’ – Boulder Magazine

‘With an outstandingly talented cast, it is an entertaining show to sit back and enjoy whilst marvelling at the feats performed onstage.’ – ★★★★