Flying Horseman (BE)

★★★★ “Flying Horseman still refuses to be tamed.” – FOCUS KNACK 


★★★★ “’Mothership’ gets 4 stars and is album of the week.” – DE MORGEN 


★★★★ ½ “Flying Horseman rules!” – WRITTEN IN MUSIC 


Flying Horseman’s music is difficult to describe, but we’ll do our best… Bursts of post-folk and dark blues full of ominous organs and synthesizers, then on to incredibly groovy time signatures, ending in euphoric outbursts with blistering guitars. As if Peter Gabriel, Nick Cave, and Brian Eno all got seriously intoxicated at a party and are now giving a detailed account of the story. 

If Belgium had a ‘hardest working man in showbiz’ award, then Bert Dockx would certainly have a good shot of winning it. As a singer, composer, and (jazz) guitarist, Dockx works as both a solo artist as well as on side projects (Dans Dans, Strand, Sweet Defeat, Ottla). Right now, he’s focusing on Flying Horseman. Exactly ten years after the release of their debut, Wild Eyes, the band presented their sixth album, Mothership, last year; a short album with eight adventurous, colourful songs with a deep heart and a broad outlook. The sound is transparent, direct, and punchy, without compromising the layering and the penetrating atmosphere that characterize this unique band. 

A breath-taking audio experience 

In this concert, all the band members step into the spotlight more than ever before: the powerful and inventive rhythm section of Mattias Cré and Alfredo Bravo; the mesmerizing harmony vocals, synth, and guitar sounds of Loesje and Martha Maieu; the stirring voice, labyrinthine lyrics, and compelling guitar playing of Bert Dockx. Flying Horseman’s live performances are guaranteed to be a breath-taking audio experience.