Fashion with Kelly – Droompersonages – GELUKSZOEKER(tjes)

Stichting de Vrolijkheid in Heerlen

Three photo exhibitions by Stichting De Vrolijkheid  

De Vrolijkheid is a colourful network of professional artists, musicians, dancers, and theatre makers that organizes creative activities in asylum seekers’ centres throughout the country. At the centre in Heerlen, they organize weekly workshops and projects with children, young people, and parents – some of which can be seen during Cultura Nova. 

On the Festival Square: the ‘Fashion with Kelly’ exhibition, a fashion project by Kelly Palmen and young people (12-18 years), in which each participant decorated two matching white garments with black markers.  

In the windows of In2yourplace: ‘Droompersonages’ and ‘GELUKSZOEKER(tjes)’ 

‘Droompersonages’ – In this dream figures project, young residents of the asylum seekers’ centre in Heerlen (15-25 years) worked with photographer Sofi Knijff on a series of theatrical and surrealistic portraits. Dressed in costumes by Sanne Puijk, they create an artistic alter-ego. 

‘GELUKSZOEKER(tjes)’ – In this fortune seekers project, a group of very young asylum seekers present a series of colourful portraits of their future selves, alternating between abstract dreams and concrete professions. 

You can visit the free photo exhibitions during the entire festival at the Stadstuin Heerlen Centrum and at 4 + 6 Oude Veemarktstraat, Heerlen.