Effraction Nocturne

ilotopie (FR)

Effraction Nocturne: a spectacular world première on the water in the Zilverzandgroeve Beaujean sand quarry.

The French company ilotopie is putting on a spectacular show in Zilverzandgroeve Beaujean in the form of a surrealistic fresco on the water. The water is the stage for an entire village with houses, residents, trees, and even a real village square. Yet nothing is what it seems…

Inspired by the work of filmmaker and artist David Lynch, street artist Isaac Cordal, and video artist Bill Viola, the company tells the tale of a poetic, dream-like world with a dark side. It is a beautiful visual theatre performance full of irony and fateful twists and turns.. The audience watches on as a surrealistic story unfolds on the water before their eyes.

Ilotopia: from the wetlands of the Carmague to Seoul

The renowned French company ilotopie is famous for its spectacular performances on water. Back in 2007, the French group gained a lot of regional and national attention with its performance of Fous de Bassin (Water Fools) during Cultura Nova. After worldwide successes in the wetlands of the Camargue in the south of France to Russian ports and even Seoul, ilotopie will finally return to Cultura Nova with Effraction Nocturne in 2019!