De woonkamers van Heerlerheide

Bram Tackenberg

In the autumn, Heerlen photographer Bram Tackenberg will be exploring Heerlerheide. There, in cooperation with Weller Wonen and the Cultura Nova festival, he will work on a Living Room Portrait project with local residents. With his camera, he will capture an inclusive cross-section of households in the neighbourhood. The portrait style will create a proud image of the residents of Heerlerheide, who will be opening up both themselves and their homes – proud and vulnerable.

Some 30 life-size portraits will be displayed in public spaces around Heerlerheide. In addition, two or three different ‘neighbourhood newspapers’ will be printed, featuring full-page portraits and accompanying interviews. Every house in Heerlerheide will receive a copy of one of the issues through the letterbox. To have a peek at one of the other papers, residents will have to ring the doorbell and swap with neighbours, acquaintances, or strangers. The project will stimulate people to meet each other and get to know each other better, and will strengthen the sense of community in the neighbourhood. 
The project will kick off during Cultura Nova, where it will be publicized with a preview exhibition in the city garden, a workshop, a presentation during the Stadmaakweek, and an Artist Talk in cooperation with Cultura Nova. After that, Bram will head into the neighbourhoods to take photographs. Residents of Heerlerheide can register free of charge via ​ 

You can visit the exhibition in de Stadstuin Heerlen Centrum from the 27th of august to the 5th of september.