BRUUT! & Anton Goudsmit

BRUUT! – the four-time Edison nominee and, according to Esquire magazine, the best-dressed band in the Netherlands – plays all over the world. Guitar virtuoso Anton Goudsmit has performed with Benjamin Herman and Eric Vloeimans. He was awarded the Boy Edgar Prize, was a member of the New Cool Collective, has performed shows with Jett Rebel, and has toured with Jan Akkerman. These two titans, BRUUT! & Anton Goudsmit, are going surfing. 

The five musicians delved into their grandparents’ record collections and plunged into the surf music of the sixties. In addition to their own songs, they also dusted off and worked on hits by Dick Dale, The Beach Boys, The Ventures, and none other than Dolly Parton. And who better to accompany the four super-jazz giants of BRUUT! than the unrivalled guitar legend of the Low Countries, the one and only Anton Goudsmit? Inspired by their rediscovery of the surf sound, the musicians also wrote their own songs for this new supergroup. Call it ‘The Beach Boys on steroids’ or ‘North Sea Surf’; it is “really amazing music”, according to Anton Goudsmit.