Boscha NovaCane


The Cultura Nova opening night traditionally ends with an afterparty in the NIEUWE NOR music venue. Boscha Nova, which inspired the name of the party, will present the 2.0 version of its (Cultura) ‘Novacane’ this year during a night where concepts and artists merge to form one. Look forward to a three-hour set from our eclectic dance maestro and a venue that Boscha Nova and his friends will turn one awesome dance floor.

‘Cultura Novacane’ has become a great dance tradition during the opening of Cultura Nova. After ‘Het Grote Openingsspektakel’ (The Great Opening Spectacle), there will be a cool afterparty in the NIEUWE NOR venue. It’s free admission, so always packed, but expect some great vibes! Boscha Nova has pioneered the concept for more than five years, leaving an eclectic mark on the city. There’ll be some refreshing line-ups full of Dutch hip-hop greats, the best newcomers, and loads of big local names. The DJs at Cultura Nova will transform the NIEUWE NOR venue into one awesome dance floor.