Laika & Zefiro Torna (BE)

Musical theatre for all the senses.

BALSAM is both a musical and a sensory performance. An alchemistic concert in which music merges with surprising aromas, tastes, and sensations. This ode to life and life’s many mysteries received ★★★★★ from This concert is also corona-proof.

The intoxicating music takes you on a journey through traditional songs from Portugal, Greece, and Iceland, the mystical sounds of Hildegard Von Bingen, 15th century polyphonic music, and original compositions. The lyrics can be traced back to verses from the Song of Songs, poems by Virgil and Horace, and to the poetry of contemporaries of Baudelaire and Verhaeren. They tell takes of the game of love, of desire and sorrow, the sweet scent of jasmine, and the beauty of a tree. They are a tribute to the healing, stimulating, and enchanting effects of herbs and plants.

Alchemical processes
While intoxicating music transports you, observe a captivating display of alchemical processes – oil solidifies into edible pearls, a flower bud creates an electric sensation, a mineral transforms into a sweet delicacy. The alchemists conjure up incredible tastes and scents, experiences you can share with your neighbour. With conviviality, or the ‘art of coexistence’, as a source of solace. BALSAM will make you dream. It is a spiritual and sensual experience, both earthly and heavenly at the same time. An ode to life and life’s many mysteries.

In the press
“The music and the alchemical bites are blissfully intoxicating. More than welcome in these times.” – De Theaterkrant (Critics’ choice)
“One couldn’t have wished for a more beautiful performance to open the corona-proof edition of Zomer van Antwerpen 2020.” – ★★★★★

BALSAM (2020) trailer © Jan Bosteels from Laika, theater der zinnen on Vimeo.