as long as we are playing (from 8 years)

kabinet k (BE)

A performance like a playground, for both children and adults.

As long as we are playing is all about playing. Play as an inexhaustible source of impulses. But also play in which people make rules, follow them, change them, manipulate them, and ignore them. Play as a place of enjoyment and harmony, but also of conflict and power. And play as a mirror of our possibilities, our nature, and our coexistence.

What do you do? Do you play together or against each other?  Alone or in a group? Who decides the rules? What happens if someone breaks them? And what is at stake?

kabinet K

The Belgian dance company kabinet K uses the universal language of dance to convey a message to young and adult audiences. “About all the major things we cannot talk about without stammering, certainly not with a child. It is here that dance can make a distinction, as a vocabulary of the unutterable.”- Joke Laureyns, Staat van de Jeugddans (2011)

Choreography: Joke Laureyns and Kwint Manshoven
Dancers: Marieke Berendsen, Nona de Neve, Ilena Deboeverie, Marie-lou Liberale, Kwint Manshoven, Juliette Spildooren, Zoë Demoustier, Lili van den Bruel, Aya Vanvinckenroye
Composition: Thomas Smetryns
Scenography: Amy Franceschini and Dirk de Hooghe

Light: Dirk de Hooghe
Dramaturgy: Mieke Versyp

Supported by the Flemish Community, the City of Ghent, and the Belgian Government’s tax shelter system for the performing arts.