Aad de Haas-concert

Rosanne Philippens & Friends

The violinist Rosanne Philippens is an artist-in-residence at Parkstad Limburg Theaters during the 2019/2020 theatre season. ‘Between the musical notes emerges the unique voice of a young violinist with oodles of character’, wrote de Volkskrant about this young and talented musician. Rosanne will open her concert series in Heerlen during Cultura Nova, with three concerts in one day at special locations in the city (see: www.culturanova.nl).

In SCHUNCK, Rosanne is inspired by the work and life of the visual artist Aad de Haas (SCHUNCK holds a collection by him). Aad de Haas (Rotterdam, 1920 – Schaesberg, 1972) played a unique role in Limburg’s art scene in the years after World War Two. He rejected what he regarded as fads and continued to work in a figurative, expressionist tradition. In 1994, the Municipality of Heerlen purchased part of De Haas’s artistic legacy. This sub-collection of paintings, drawings, monotypes, and graphics offers a fascinating display of De Haas’s vision of social developments relating to themes such as religion, eroticism, and power.